A: No animal is "hypoallergenic," including the Sphynx. While the lack of coat does make the Sphynx more tolerable to people with allergies to cats, there is no guarantee that if you are an allergy sufferer you will be able to keep a Sphynx as a pet.  


A: Every breeder sets their own price.  I charge $2000.00 for a pet kitten.  The only time that this price would vary is for breeder or show kittens.   I require a 200.00 deposit which is non refundable unless I cannot supply you with a kitten in a timely fashion.    My kittens are raised on a raw diet of free range chicken along with numerous vitamins and mineral added.  They are fully vaccinated.  They are spayed/neutered before you receive them.  They are fully checked for health and I make sure that their temperament is good for your needs. I do not charge more for eye colour or skin colour as some breeders do.  That extra charge is unfounded and I disagree with that practice. Health is more important then eye color.     

ALL GOOD BREEDERS, ALTER THEIR KITTENS BEFORE PLACING. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS !  If you are told that they cannot find a vet to do this, tell them to drive out of the neighborhood and find one.  If they are not willing to do that, then they are not willing to put the kitten first.   A breeder that sells you a kitten under $900, or under 10 weeks of age, it is more than likely that there are health problems in the kitten, no vet costs, and the breeder will more than likely not replace it.    Pet quality is a kitten a breeder can't use in their breeding program for many different reasons.   


A: The Sphynx is not a maintenance free cat. Due to the lack of coat, a Sphynx must be bathed regularly to keep the skin free of the naturally secreted oils that the coat on a normal coated cat absorbs. The very large ears, lacking hair to act as a filter for dust and dirt, also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid wax build-up.  We recommend that you wipe your cats face with cloth and water everyday or use baby wipes. 


A: We do ship to the US and Canada.  We use heated live cargo when needed with a trusted air line.  We use United Live Animal Cargo out of Detroit Michigan.  In Canada we use  Air Canada.  I am a registered shipper with Transport Canada.


A: Personality and Sphynx go hand in paw! While the disposition of any cat is highly influenced by the way the kittens are raised, Sphynx are generally highly affectionate, sociable, and intelligent. They tend to get along well with other pets, including dogs, and are the ultimate lap and bed cats.  Many of our kitten families come back for a second kitten. Because of their inquisitive, alert nature, Sphynx often make wonderful show cats as well as pets. They love to play with any age children!


A: You can dress them up if you want. They get cold just like we do. If your cold they are too. If you have central air on and they get chilly, they will find a nice warm spot to curl up to. Your bed or arms are most preferred. Most house temperatures are just fine for the Sphynx. 


A: You need to do your homework. See their home, if you can't make it to the home, ask for pictures.  Look at the reference page, all breeders should have references! Do they tell you all the good with the bad, can you call them anytime and do they answer their phone or always call you back after you called? Do they talk positive about other breeders or spend more time talking about bad breeders?  Do they have useful information on their site.  Buying a kitten or cat should be a cozy fun feeling, with practical expectations of getting an animal. 

My Contract

For the following terms:

Purchaser agrees to the following:

  1.      The Buyer accepts the responsibility of caring for this kitten and will provide properly for its welfare.  The Buyer agrees to follow the Breeder’s instructions on care, housing, diet, treatment and health.

  2.      The buyer agrees that this kitten will always receive prompt, top-notch medical care and will never be allowed to harbour fleas or parasites.  This kitten will have a yearly Veterinary exam and necessary vaccines.

  3.      The Buyer agrees to provide animal and human companionship for this kitten, never leaving it alone for long periods of time without human attention.

  4.      The Buyer agrees to provide a generous amount of play and exercise for this kitten, to provide I with toys and not to cage it.

  5.      The Buyer agrees NEVER to allow the kitten outdoors.

  6.      The Buyer agrees that this kitten will NEVER be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory or similar facility.

  7.      Buyer will pay the Breeder a non-refundable deposit upon requesting that a kitten be reserved for the Buyer.

  8.      The balance of the purchase price is to be paid when the kitten is 11 weeks of age prior to the spay/neuter.

  9.      The Buyer agrees that this kitten will be altered (spayed or neutered) between 11 and 12 weeks of age, prior to leaving the Breeder’s cattery.

  1. Once a deposit is placed to reserve a kitten, that kitten will not be sold to another buyer.

  2. The Buyer agrees that if any of the above terms contract terms are breached the Breeder may reclaim this kitten WITHOUT REFUND of the purchase price.

  3. This kitten comes with a health certificate. 

  4. The Breeder guarantees the Buyer a 1-year genetic health guarantee (FeLV, FIV, and FIP are not genetic and are specifically excluded). Should the kitten die of a genetic illness, kitten will be replaced.  No refunds.  This warranty extends to 3 years should HCM be found in this kitten and this kitten dies before 3 years of age.  Both parents are regularly scanned, and breeder has no reason to believe HCM will occur.  The Buyer is responsible for the cost of spay/neuter, vaccinations and vet visits with a replacement kitten, not to exceed $600.00.   

    1. Seller shall not be responsible for paying any veterinarian fees or any associated costs.

    2. Breeder/Seller will not honor any health guarantee if the kitten/cat dies of a virus from contact with another animal. Seller will not honor any health guarantee if the kitten/cat is euthanized by the Buyer without Seller’s permission. If death due to genetic illness, Seller will not consider to honor any health guarantee without the necropsy report performed by a licensed veterinarian (not related to Purchaser) and a veterinarian’s certificate is provided showing proof as to cause of death.

    3. The seller does not advise any of their kittens to be vaccinated for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), Ringworm, Giardia, Feline Leukemia (FELV), or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). If the buyer chooses to vaccinate against any of these the Health Guarantee will be NULL and VOID (studies performed have concluded that the FeLV & FIP vaccination can potentiate actual FIP). The seller also does not warranty the kitten against any adverse reactions to future vaccinations.

  5. Seller assumes NO responsibility for purchaser’s allergies to cats, disapproval of landlord, lack of proper house/litter training for this cat/kitten, etc. No monies will be refunded for these reasons.

  6. Seller is not responsible for illness or injury to cat resulting from Buyer’s mishandling, mistake or accident. Furthermore, Seller is not responsible for damage or injury to other animals, persons, or property caused directly or indirectly by this cat/kitten. No monies will be refunded for these reasons.

  7. Breeder does not guarantee against treatable nuisances (such as fungus, yeast, internal parasites, Upper Respiratory Infection etc.) which are not life threatening and are considered to be common to the breed or can/could be brought on by stress or can be transmitted from other animals in the household. Seller is not responsible for and shall not compensate Buyer for contagious diseases or viruses transmitted between animals.

  8. Your cat/kitten may exhibit stress signs through a funny tummy, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes and/ or constipation with all the stress of coming to their new home and could have diarrhea for the first week due to the move or if you have changed their diet. This should settle down by the first week. Please ensure you have fresh water available at all times for your new cat/kitten and change twice daily.

  9. The Breeder reserves the right to consent to the sale or gift of this kitten to any person other than the Buyer.  The Breeder further reserves the right to take back this kitten if the Buyer, for any reason, cannot keep this kitten any longer.

  10. Seller agrees to provide registration papers for this cat or kitten when said paperwork is received from CFA.

  11. Vaccinated:  - 2 week intranasal; - 9 weeks of age and 11 weeks of age.  Vaccination is a three-way modified live vaccination.  Kitten needs to be vaccinated at 16 weeks of age and 1 year of age.  Follow veterinary recommendations for further vaccinations.

  12. This cat or kitten is being fed Royal Canin kitten kibble as well as Royal Canin canned kitten food.  

  13. The buyer agrees to pay the agreed upon purchase price for the kitten.  This price does include the spay/neuter.  This price does not include any shipping or transportation costs, or airline approved carrier.

  14. This contract is deemed to have been fulfilled in whole in Windsor, Ontario Canada.

In the unlikely event that a kitten does not arrive at its intended destination, a replacement will be provided subject to the conditions per Line # 13