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As a breeder who uses the services of the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats, I understand I have certain responsibilities to pedigreed cats and to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

I am aware that I am representative of CFA breeders in my community. 

I will breed my cats with the intent of improving the breed and to produce healthy, happy kittens. 

I will deal honestly with the purchasers of my kittens and cats. 

To the best of my knowledge and ability I will not, without prior disclosure, sell any kitten/cat that is sick or has been exposed to an infectious disease. 

I will not sell or place kittens prior to their attaining a proper level of immunity against common infectious diseases. 

I will place cats directly to the new pet owner or in a manner that will enable contact with the ultimate owner to provide on-going education and advice. 

I will strive to house my cats in a manner exceeding the CFA Minimum Cattery Standard. 

I will ensure my cats are kept in a healthy environment and I will ensure they receive the proper veterinary care as needed. 

I will maintain appropriate cattery records and will correctly register litters and cats. 

I will work honestly with my fellow breeders and provide timely and correct litter registration information to those who use my cats for breeding. 

I will mentor new breeders to ensure they have a solid information foundation. 

Proclamation Of Achievement.

Whereas the breeder OR Breeders listed below have met the criteria set by
themselves and their peers.
All criteria listed below have been verified by more then one breeder and one vet and are accessible to PET BUYERS & breeders to view upon request AND breeders DISCRETION.

  1. All pet kittens are altered before placement, no exceptions 

  2. All medical papers by a certified vet are up to date on all kittens and adults in the cattery. 

  3. HCM if found in any cat has been altered. A guarantee against HCM for 3 years.  What is HCM

  4. Breeders and pet owners are allowed to visit cattery (by appointment) to view conditions. 

  5. Show/Breeding cats are sold with the breeder willing to mentor the buyer and willing to help them in showing  

  6. Show/Breeding cats are sold with the breeding knowing that part of the sale price includes mentoring them. 

  7. A cattery inspection certificate is available and is updated yearly. Certificate must be authentic and can be verified. 

  8. Letters of recommendation by fellow breeders are available  

  9. Letter or letters of recommendation by pet owners are available 

  10. Letter or recommendation from a breeder who has been in the cattery is available. 

  11. Breeders will back up contract of any and all kitten sales, be pets or show/breeder 

  12. Breeder offers contract to pet buyer and for show/breeding cats 

  13. Breeder listed below have a vet that they do obtain medical treatment from and can be verified. 

  14. Breeders are registered with an association such as CFA,TICA, CCA 

  15. Breeders have at one time and/or are are now showing cats in one of the associations. 

  16. All litters have been registered 

  17. No kitten leaves before the age of 12 weeks of age 

  18. Breeder does not charge more for color of the cat or for eye color 

  19. Breeder will be available for pet buyers after the sale of the cat 

  20. Breeder makes every attempt to not breed cat before the age of 12 months and will not breed cats before the age of 10 months. 

  21. Breeder does not leave whole males caged for long periods of time and will not leave male confined to one room without attention and will not leave him whole for more then two years if he must be confined to a room due to spraying. 

  22. Breeder will take back any cat that cannot be kept by pet owner or  show/breeder owner. 

  23. Breeder has a pet contract and does not change the price of the kitten at any time with the pet buyer. 

For ANY Cattery to have this Proclamation or Similar on their site, they must be able to produce documentations of the above. If documentation cannot be produced or is with held from you, it is only up to you to make the right choice. We welcome any Cattery to join that share the same ethics. Our goal is not only to better the breed but to better the Breeders and their Catteries AND to help in the end of Back Yard Breeders who are a Death factor for any animal. Many breeders are upset about our new "Policing System" but when did policing become a negative, unless you are breaking the law. We can only ask breeders to live up to high standard by their kittens, cats, pet owners and mentoring of new breeders.  If you are seeking to become a breeder, or a new kitten owner, make sure you have done your home work. 

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